The Management Committee of Oxley BizHub 2 welcomes sponsorship from Tenants and Owners of the units for the betterment of facilities, improve the comfort & happiness of the occupants while maintaining balance & harmony with the surrounding.

  1. This policy is applicable for sponsorships offered exclusively by Tenants and Owners at Oxley BizHub 2 (OBH2).
  2. Sponsorship can be in the form of services or hardware & equipment for the benefit of OBH2 tenants.
  3. Any need for sponsorship will be determined by the Management Committee.
  4. Any requests for sponsorship by the Management Committee (MC) will be prominently displayed on the notice boards so as to provide all tenants equal opportunity to respond.
  5. Respondents will email their offers to the MC at
  6. MC will review and accept the offers based on the following guiding principles:
    • All sponsorships must benefit the general occupants and not any particular unit, tenant or owner.
    • All sponsorships must not give unfair advantage to, or cause discrimination against any particular unit, tenant or owner. Sponsors must NOT expect any favours or privileges in return.
  7. Once accepted, MC will acknowledge on the notice boards/newsletter all the offers and the accepted sponsor(s).
  8. If there are recurring expenses (electrical bill, water bill, replacement of expendables, cleaning, etc ); the MC may authorize the use of MCST funds on a case-to-case basis.
  9. The MC is responsible for the implementation of this sponsorship policy and procedure effective 16 December 2016. This policy was updated on 4 June 2021.